Why create a High Rope course?

A High Rope course by ARBRE ET AVENTURE is a unique way to experience the forest differently.  Moving from tree to tree several metres above the ground you feel like you are flying - either on a zip line or on a Tarzan jump liana - or you feel like a surfer, or a parachutist ready for his first base jump, or a tight-rope walker on the monkey bridge or like an acrobat on a climbing net....

  • A High Rope course by ARBRE ET AVENTURE is accessible to everyone: kids, families, seasoned sportsmen and women.  The different elements blend into the natural environment which remains a privileged place in which to communicate, a place where you can experience different sensations and emotions.  Somewhere that you want to tell your friends and family about.
  • The ARBRE ET AVENTURE installations allow you to attract innovative companies which are looking to organise outdoor leadership seminars and they are also a boost to the local tourist economy.
  • No pollution or any other damage is caused by the installation of an ARBRE ET AVENTURE course.  You rediscover all the basic values when confronted with yourself in the heart of nature.  It is completely safe, each participant is equipped with high-performance equipment, and he or she moves about completely safely at a height of 1 to 20 metres above the ground.
  • Creating and managing an ARBRE ET AVENTURE High Rope course will change your life!
  • You will be working in dream surroundings: the forest!
  • You will be welcoming new customers.  You will give them a sense of well-being and a chance to experience exciting sensations........ Your job will be giving happiness to others!
  • ........Happiness to others, but also your own happiness thanks to the profit your will make - an ARBRE ET AVENTURE High Rope course is very quickly paid off!
  • A development which improves the forest and can be dismantled at the end of the lease.
  • The tourist market for outdoor activities is constantly changing.  Tourist destinations must adapt to these changes and satisfy their customers' desires without upsetting or permanently altering their natural state.