The safety regulations
The two important documents in the area of High rope courses are the following two European standards:

  • NF EN 15 567 - 1: High rope courses - Construction requirements (03/2008)
  • NF EN 15 567 - 2: High rope courses - Operation requirements (03/2008)

These voluntary regulations embody what is good practice in this activity. This is the reason why ARBRE ET AVENTURE accord the greatest respect to the requirements of the European standard EN 15 567-1 in the construction of their parks.
Moreover, ARBRE ET AVENTURE participates actively as a technical expert in the standardization process of High rope parks.
Extracts of the European standard EN 15 567-1:
Paragraph 'Calculation':
"Rigid installations (e.g. beam systems using a rail belaying system) shall be calculated using the existing Eurocodes and the national annexes, when existing".
Paragraph 'Arboricultural diagnosis'
"An arboricultural assessment shall be performed by an arboriculturist to determine the physiological and mechanical condition of trees used as element supports".
Paragraph 'Assessment of the trees resistance'
"The strength of the tree shall be evaluated. Evaluation may include calculation"
Paragraph 7 'Inspection and maintenance'
"Before the site is inaugurated, an inspection body shall certify that the site is in compliance with this standard".
"Inauguration inspection shall be carried out by an inspection body (type A in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17020)".

In order to comply with the preceding requirements and in an effort to maintain a certain level of impartiality and transparency, ARBRE ET AVENTURE bring in independent companies for the following key interventions:
. The arboricultural assessment of the trees which will serve as supports for elements.
. Technical inspection (inaugural inspection) by a type A inspection body according to international standard ISO/CEI 17 020
. The calculations allowing to validate the resistance of the safety lines and the supports used (natural or artificial).

These 3 documents can be presented to government administrations (Youth and sport, the fraud squad......) and to any jurisdiction.
These 3 documents together allow ARBRE ET AVENTURE to respect all the requirements of the European standard EN 15 567 -1 with regards to the construction of a High rope course and also provides a conformity certificate for your installations signed by the inspection body.

The inspection bodies chosen by ARBRE ET AVENTURE are independent. They all have appropriate knowledge and are recognized at an international level